DEFBOY you really need a new insurance company!

My brother just got into a minor parking lot tussle, where the other driver fled the scene (brother has the plate # and witnesses). Had the other driver stuck around it would have been 50/50 blame, but since he fled and it is a hit a run, he is 100% at fault, so not only does he have a warrent out for fleeing the scene of a accident but he's on the hook for the full brunt of the insurance claim. This is direct from the insurance chicks mouth "your rates will not go up if you are involved in a hit and run where the other driver flees the scene, as fleeing the scene is taken as admission of guilt in the accident, your insurance will not be affected as it is the other drivers insurance company that will be paying out"

The only thing that might make your rates go up are if the same insurance comapny insures both drivers, then they might assign blame to both parties so they will both be on the hook for the deductable, so the company cost will be slightly less.

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