This thread is for any maintenence parts, aftermarket or OEM, for any 1996 or newer Toyota SUV or pickup. Please post your part number and I will add it to this thread.

1998 4Runner
Static Antenna Assy.: 86300-35090
ASCO/Aisin Seiki Clutch Master Cylinder: 31410-35310 (I3000-55036) ( )
ASCO/Aisin Seiki Clutch Slave Cylinder: 31470-35120 (I3010-54125) ( )

97 6 cylinder automatic 4-runner, radiator cap, Stant # 10241.

'99 4Runner (4WD, V6, auto) coil springs:

Front right: 48131-35400
Front left: 48131-35350
Rear (both): 48231-35210

Power steering boot part # 45535-35030
Lug nuts Alloy wheels # 90942-01095
wheel studs back(longer) # 90942-02052
wheel studs front # 90942-02049

4Runner upper spring supports:


3RD GEN Exhaust sensors for California emissions 4runners (a two catalytic converter system):

Front Air Fuel Ratio Sensor: 89467-35011
Rear Oxygen Sensor: 89465-49105

For 3RD gen 4runners with the "heavy duty" brakes that came stock on 4WD models with 16" tires many people like the Performance Friction brake pads & Brembo rotors. Here are the part numbers:

Performance Friction pads: Part# 4364
Brembo rotors: Part# 25488

The pads can be bought at AutoZone . The rotors can be bought at or

For 3rd generation 4runners polyurethane bushing replacements for the steering rack.

energy suspensions set part #: 8-10101

Installation writeup here :

or here

The writeup if for a 1996 tacoma. However, the steering rack looks identical and the installation identical to the writeup.

'96 4Runner

Front Axle CV Boot Kit 104438-35060

Approx Cost $25-$35

3rd Gen 4Runner fuel filter: 23300-62030

Here's a good write-up I used to change mine --> link

'98 4-Runner LTD 4WD 16" wheels, with ABS:

rear axle shaft: 4231135280 ?
rear axle bearing: 903634002077 (but the price and quality was much better at my local bearing supply place)
rear axle shaft seal, inner: 9031050001
rear axle shaft seal, outer: 9031348001
rear axle bearing retainer: 4242135030

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97 4R, stock, daily driver
98 Sienna, kid and dog hauler, wife's ride