178 k miles, on Monday I experienced a high temp issue, seems the rad core/heat exchanger cracked causing a mixture of tranny fluid in the coolant & worse, coolant in the tranny fluid.
Replaced radiator, flushed coolant system.
Drained tranny, dropped pan and replaced screen and gasket, drained two lines going to radiator. added 4 and 3/4 quarts to tranny, will test it tomorrow. idled it for 15 minutes to check for leaks and to double check fluid level, didn't test drive as I was ahh a little dirty ;-)
I plan to replace tranny fluid at 28 miles, 56 and 100 miles or until there is now trace of water. ( it's 14 miles to work )
I was quoted $ 2K to rebuild the tranny at the sight of the fluid. Needless to say I got a 2nd opinion.( and did the above myself).
IS there anything else I should do ?
Also, what brand and type tranny fluid should I use once I'm done with the flushing cycles?. There;s the cheap stuff in there for now.

Thanks for any help.