I drained the 4 quarts this evening and it looks a little better, but I'm not sure of the system capacity ?.
I'll buy 3 or 4 cases tomorrow and plug my new funnel into the return ( from the cooler) line and just keep adding fluid til it comes out clear from the cooler... I;ll drain the 4 quarts fron the pan first. Will idling simulate/cause the fluid to cycle thru the entire tranny or should I put it on jack stands and put it in drive while I'm doing this ?

If I do install a seperate tranny cooler,,,, I should by-pass the radiator so as not to repeat this should the radiator start to fail again, right ??? Has anyone done this ? do I just mount one in front of the air conditioning radiator thing ?
and if I do by-pass the section of the radiator, do I just plug the nipples or do I need to rig up some way of having anti freeze in there ??

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