Someone correct me if I am wrong, but the best ratio you can get in a 3.5L gen II diff is 4.90 not 5.29 The 5.29 are gears that can be put in the gen I diffs.

The rumor is you can get Pt numbers for 5.29's for the 3.5 diffs through the euro caps.

I am not doubting you, but if you get these parts and they work, can you please let me know as I would want to upgrade mine as well. I put in 4.90s thinking they were the best I could get for my 3.5L gen II.


97 Montero SR w/Mitsu Adj Shocks & Rear Diff Lock ARB Front Diff Lock 4.9 Ring/Pinion 3.15 transfer box 43:1 crawl ratio 2" suspen lift 2" body lift 2" Gas Tank Lift 35x12.5 MTRs 15x10 Wheels Rock Sliderz ARB front bumper w/12k winch Custom rear bumper