This post from "guest" Duke the Man.... I told him to look here for an answer....

"Hi all!
First of all sorry for my bad english , I am from Romania and i own a 1998 Kia Sportage.
The keyless remote has failed and the doors remain locked ,after i unlocked them with the key i tryed to start the engine and i diden`t start ,the check light is on and starter is spining the engine.
In my town there are only 3 kias and the nearest dealear is 80 miles away.
I dont have a code reader and i don`t know from where to buy it and i need to know what type of port i need.
Everyone told me that the computer is the fault.tomorow i will start working on it trying to figure it out.
please help me with some advices or anything,

nice greetings!