I just had my '01 Tacoma inspected and sprayed. I don't know what they used to spray it, but it looks like tar that washed up on the beaches in the Gulf. It's been there for three days now and it hasn't dried at all. It's black and wet like a combination of very used motor oil and roof tar.

It does look better than the surface rust I had, but just yesterday, my clutch started slipping, so now I get to crawl under my truck and pull the trans/transfer case with this goopy stuff all over the frame and fasteners. I can't wait! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

Has anybody else had their Tacoma sprayed and does it ever dry to the touch?

'89 Toy 4x4 Xtra Cab SR5 V6 266k miles
'01 Tacoma 4x4 Xtra Cab 2.7L
'97 Toy 4Runner Limited