Yep, pulled the valve cover and could see the broken pieces of guide down at the bottom. Gonna order the steel backed ones, but dang, $80 bucks for a set, but only $20 for the double timing chain ones, don't get that.

>>>*Suppose you were to buy a normal 1984 98 link timing set, then dual roller guides set for the early 20R and 81-82 22R and just put them on the 1984? Sure, they are wider but they do fit under the cover.

Then use the rest of the single roller kit? It all fits and works fine, just nobody makes the whole kit that way because about 90% of buyers send them right back as incorrect when they see the narrow single roller chain and the wide dual roller guides set.

But it all fits and works, that way there is no need to run around hunting down a short early drive spline.

Of course you could just buy the $20 set of guiderails and trim the outside edge of them narrower if you wanted them narrower for some reason.

*Or pay someone the extra $60 to trim them for you, that is the only difference on the 1984.


*Beats the he** outa me!....*LOL**...