This is just going to be any info i find on stroking our FE3 clones. I'll post links as i find them and write a small blurb about what they are.

This will contain anything from cranks, rods, and flywheels
to adding bigger injectors

If u have info not posted here share it. I'll then add it to the first post.

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stroking a kia engine using chevy rods all of this has been moved so the pics work again
a great NA fe3 2.3 build(lol deffboy has seen this one)
dennis's post about the flywheels

some piston info
a post about pistons that wok with the fe3 and some info about using sr20 pistons
good prices on pistons. look around after reading the above post. if u look at nissian sentra pistons for the sr20de they are about 40 each with rings look at topline oem pistons.

Addit: links to turbo thread and FE3 manifold;gonew=1#UNREAD

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