heres some crankshaft info if you know of another working crank let me know and i will get its applications also. after that i'll do pistons and rods so on and so forth

also some food for thought many people have put the fe-dohc in the b2200 the engine bolts right in with its existing that could mean if using the f2 crank + flywheel from the truck it should just bolt in no flywheel work to be done
but dont quote me on that

R2 crank
* 19871991 Mazda B-series
* 2008-present Mazda3
* 2008-present Mazda6

F2 crank
* 19861991 Mazda 929
* 19881992 Mazda 626
* 19881992 Mazda MX-6
* 19881992 Ford Probe
* 19871999 Mazda B2200
this crank can be found at rock auto with crank and rod bearings for 200 and the flywheel is 44-50 so that brings the parts cost to around 400 ish

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