deffboy the Mazda b-series folks (used to be one myself) drop the Sportage engine in the 2200 all time and use the stock tranny with our flywheel and clutch so if our flywheel and clutch fit on their tranny i don't see why the opposite wouldn't be true in fact i think the mazda b-series clutch fits our flywheel as well so we can use our stock clutches on the b-series flywheel. i need some money to get the ball rollin i would love to be talking from experience and not just close to a year of reading

ok here is my next question, just want to make sure things are clear here.

when you say that they drop in the sporty motor and it bolts up directly to the b22oo flywheel, that would make it a 8 bolt flywheel then correct?, if that is the case, then it will not work with the f2 crank.

but if these are already stroked fe3ns that they are dropping into the mazdas, then yes it should work with the said maching mentioned by dennis.

2000 SPORTY, DEF BOY customs, mmm....lockers, mmm... gears, mmm... double transfer case, mmm... stroker