anyway, aside from gary's possible diesel swap, there is a direct swap with the slightly larger and more torquy Mazda 2.2L engine. you just swap the block and all the internals of the block, including crank, pistons and connecting rods. you bolt all the Sportage parts directly to the 2.2 block, including head, intake, accessories, then the block to the bellhousing. so far, the only person we know that has done this is Darren Skilton, but 2.2's should be cheap enough that we will begin to see more. i think the ratings for the 2.2 with Kia head and peripherals is around 170-175 HP and around 180-185 LB-FT or more.

So, Dave Scott posted this in 2002. This would be an amazing jump in HP. Which 2.2 mazda engine was he talking about, was it from the B2200?