I have read this so many times
The thing with this mod is that they were aiming for turbo-ing the engine so thei had special needs conserning straingth.
What I think we are looking for is a simple mild improuvment with aw many stock and easy to find parts that would give low torque reliably and not having to fix things every now and then

That is why the b2200 crank and rods only, if they fitted
would give a estimated 2200-2300cc with all the rest possibly stock maybe a litle bit of fuel presure more to compensate for the sligtly biger cylinders.

Why wont I try it you may ask and its pretty reasonable.
the answer is that I have a perfectly running engine and no spare money to dissasemble it just for the fun of it.
If I had a reason like worn piston rings an a smoking engine in need for a re-build, I surely would give it a try, since it would be already in pieces

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