agreed being broke sucks..i just got another rear axle for mine. repairs are killin me but you gotta fix it before u can break it. but back on track for the topic i was looking at the rear and i have some 6in skyjacker bronco II lift springs that look like they would fit and give it 8in or so of lift. but the arms will have to be extended at that height the axle it pushed forward way to much. so im gonna make a set of extended rear arms . which leads to needing an extended brake softline and e-brake cables.

<a href="" target="_blank">98 sportage</a>: warn manual hubs,upyourkia spacers, 104 tj springs, 235/75/r15 BFG T/A KO, tracker rims, cone air filter, custom cat-back with a skunk2 muffler. gonna be a 2.3L