The bilge pump will be mounted next to the battery, which is just left of the photo of the transom. Easy access. This boat never had a pump. Will run a simple hose into the bilge area to pick up water.

I had thought about building a hatch, but decided against it. Might add it later, I just want to get finished!

Yea, I hear ya on the rotten transom. That was the EXACT problem I had with this boat. (one of them at least) I sealed her up GOOD, thats NOT going to happen this time!

Here's an update:

I finished and painted the transom.

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

Laid the carpet down. Still have to get another can of spray adhesive and trim the carpet for a final fit.

[Linked Image]

Next the seats and cleaning everything really good. Simple green and then a magic eraser.

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