How did it all start?Who created the wire? How are the moderators picked and who picks them? Thought i would ask since my wife asked me about it.

In early 1999, some staffers from off-road.com got alienated with that site and started planning 4x4Wire. AFAIK it was Randy Burleson, David Gray, and Terry Howe; and they pulled in Scott Wilson, Jim Brink, and some other fellows whose names I forget now.

They quietly launched outdoorwire.com in July 1999. The original concept was for outdoorwire.com to be a big umbrella for outdoor activities: ATV, motorcycles, sand, MTB, 4x4, etc.

Since their core was 4x4 and their names had cachet and ORC was undergoing some issues, a lot of 4x4 people came here with them.

The official launch was New Year's Day, 2000.

The outdoorwire.com concept never gathered any momentum, however the 4x4Wire side was very energetic and active.

This site has definitely been through ups and downs. There were times staffers were coughing up their cash to pay the bills, we've seen a lot of contributors (and contributions) ebb and flow, there have been forum schisms, leadership changes, philosophical changes, etc.

All in all, the site has done a good job for 10 years now. It's always been run by enthusiasts whose only agenda is providing a community and information for other enthusiasts.


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