I have most of the parts to start assembling my engine but the rings are on back order and I am having a hard time finding head bolts. It's not like rebuilding a SB Chevy, I just can't find a kit with everything in it. Most of my parts I got off ebay, some at Summit Racing and others from the Kia dealer which is where I will look next for the head bolts. I was going to go to the dealer first on them but my boy got some ARP studs for his so I contacted them for bolts with no luck. The studs are expensive. When I start I will compile a list on what I got where. While the Kia has been down I bought new tierods and tierod ends, finished my rocker guards (but not installed yet) and I started building a rear bumper. I also hauled it down to the carwash and cleaned under the hood. I still need to install the rear SLD and finish the fan install on the radiator.

I have been working 5-10s with lots of search & rescure training on the weekends so I have not had a lot of time. I do have a lot of vacation so when I have everything I am planning on taking a full week off to see how far I can get on everything. When that happends I will use this thread to post details and pics.


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