I have'nt started yet, no time off I just wanted to give you guys a little heads up. Listed on ebay is a pair of ignition coils for under $80.00 (pay it now) I ordered a pair and waited about 2 weeks with no word from the seller, I sent him a measage and he said they where in customs. It's been alost 2 months now, he never contacts me, I have to try to contact him. I am tring to get my money back now. He can't get them to me yet he still has them listed. So to save a head eche don't buy them, I found almost the same price at Rock Auto.


95 Sportage, gone but not forgotten.
98 Jeep TJ, 4" Zone springs with RC Long arms, Ford 8.8", 4.56 gears & Detroit locker rear, D30, 4.56 & Detroit Trutrack front.