My old ones are still good, I just want everything new and keep spares on hand. Thanks for the offer though. You just reminded me I still need wires <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />.


IMO it's nice to replace the head bolts if you can, we were doing the head gasket on my brother's car and had the whole dang thing back together and torqueing the head bolts down, and on the very last torque step of the very last head bolt, PING! Bolt broke off below the level of the head gasket and at an angle, took us an hour to drill into the hard steel bolt and get it out with an Easy Out. Not to mention the time it took to re-do the whole job again with new bolts...

Not much fun! Made me want to get new head bolts every time.

FYI, that job was cursed anyway... On the second time, with the new head bolts, I let my brother put the head gasket on the block while I was doing another part, and I didn't check his work, then after we put the whole thing back together and were adding water to the radiator, we hear this trickle of water running out of the block...

Turns out my bro had put the head gasket on upside down (yep it fit that way) and the water passages didn't line up so water was pouring out. Had to take it apart and do it AGAIN. We pretty much ended up changing the head gasket a total of 3 times in one night because of stupidity (not replacing worn head bolts and putting gasket on wrong). That was a long night!

I will never let him live that one down, putting the head gasket on upside down when the top of the gasket says "TOP" in half-inch letters <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

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