Ok, I'm going to try to post some pics of building the short block. Last time I tried to post the itemized price list I timed out.
Some of the pics are a little blury, I was using my camra phone.

First you need a good helper. (thats Jake)

[Linked Image]

Next after everything is good and clean install the freeze plugs.

[Linked Image]

With a thin film of RTV, I used and old socket and a mallet to knockthem in.

[Linked Image]

Next I installed the Main berrings.

[Linked Image]

Put plastiguage on all the crank journals.

[Linked Image]

Torque all caps to spec, then remove caps and check clearance.

[Linked Image]

If you don't know how long your engine will sit before you fire it up use assembley lub on your bearings, if you plan to fire it up soon you can use engine oil.

[Linked Image]

On your final torque put oil on your main bolts before you torque them to spec.

[Linked Image]

Using a piston push the top ring about half way down the cylinder. Check the end gaps on the rings and if they are to close use a fine file to file them down, mine were all good.

[Linked Image]

Repeat this step with all rings.

[Linked Image]

Check ring clearance in pistons also.


There are a few ways to install the rings, I like to just carefully work them in starting with the bottom oil ring and working up.


If you have a ring installer you ean use it but I like the other way better. I did clean the pistons better before I finished.

Be sure to set your ring gaps right.


Using a piston ring compressor squeeze the rings and put the piston in the hole (be sure the front of the piston is facing the forward).


Using the end of a hammer handle, drive the piston home (be carefull the studs don't camage the crank.


Use plastigage on rod caps also.


make sure your new oil seal is installed corect and bolt on rear cover.


Install oil pump.


There, now it's a short block. At this point I masked off everything I didn't want paint on and painted the block a High Temp black. I didn't take pics of installling the head but here it is with the valve cover installed.


I hope this will help someone save some money and try to at least assemble thier engine them self. I got all the specs from the Kia manual and the main trick is to keep everything clean.


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