Well, I think I got the Probe ready to pass inspection so after Cristmas it's back to the Kia. This has got to be the longest engine rebuild in history. I just put a windshield in and built an exhaust for the Probe. I had enough pipe left over from the Kia's exhaust to do the whole car, I had a new MagnaFlow left over from my $100.00 Bronco that I sold before I got to the exhaust so I did a whole 2 1/2" cat back on the Probe for about $10.00 in gaskets and hangers. I think I am still under a $600.00 total in the Probe and I put over 20,000 miles in it allready and hit 1 deer, not bad for cheep transportation. Just keeping you up to date on my (none) progress on the Kia. I'll let you know when it makes noise.


95 Sportage, gone but not forgotten.
98 Jeep TJ, 4" Zone springs with RC Long arms, Ford 8.8", 4.56 gears & Detroit locker rear, D30, 4.56 & Detroit Trutrack front.