It's built by some one in Bulgaria. There is a link to the build in the video description, which would probably be very helpful; but I can't read the bulgarian language. Maybe some one can help?


They posted on tthe Outer Limits website in English in Australia. THey used the same diff set up as Dave (I think) Here is the link.


ALso this one wasn't bad of lifted Kias, shame the music was disabled. You should recognise a few of the Sporties.


Cheers, Chris

Not the same one...look at the rear diff of Donald82 and the youtube at 00:42. Spring setup a bit different too

2002 Sporty , Ironman 2.5" spring, 2" body, 15 x 7 ROH wheels, K&N, 15 x 10.5 Simex Centipedes, Powerchip 91.

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