I installed my front Aussie Locker today and thought I'd post this as a guide for anyone who follows. This is the first time I've done this job, so if anyone sees an error, please let me and those who read this know:

First, some preliminaries that I'll assume anyone trying this already knows how to do:

1) Drain the gear oil
2) Remove the front differential cover
3) Remove the tires
4) Remove the brake calipers and hang them
5) Remove the hubs
6) Remove the steering knuckles
7) Remove the drive axles
8) Withdraw the passenger side inner axle about 6 inches
9) Remove the relay rod

Now you're looking at this, but note that it's not necessary to unbolt the inner axle tube as I did <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/rolleyes.gif" alt="" />:
[Linked Image]

Loosen the four bolts pictured above and remove the bearing caps - note which side they came from and which end is up for re-installation in the same location. Now you see what's under each cap - the outer bearing race - and a side bearing adjusting spacer is to the outside of each cap/race:
[Linked Image]

Carefully pry out the differential case assembly - the FSM shows the use of 2 hammer handles, but that's only feasible if you have the differential carrier completely removed from the truck - perhaps I should have removed the carrier and put the entire assembly on the workbench, but I thought it might be easier like this - more on that later. Be very careful as the unit gets loose enough to come out - it's heavy and it is very important to capture the side bearing adjusting spacers and side bearing outer races so you know which one of each goes back on which side::
[Linked Image]

Now you can take the case assembly to the workbench - again, keeping the bearing caps, spacers and outer races separate:
[Linked Image]

There are a lot of pictures, so I'll break this up in several posts.


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