Here's where you might wish that you had removed the carrier - it's time to install the case assembly. You have to lift the case assembly into place while holding the side bearing outer races and adjusting spacers in place on each side. You cannot install the adjusting spacers after installing the case assembly, because there is an interference fit that will require you to install the package as a unit. The installation certainly can be done with the carrier in the vehicle, but it's a very tight fit and the case assembly with races and spacers is awkward to handle. If you struggle with it a bit, you'll eventually figure it out. In the picture below, it's almost snugged up into the rear half of the race bore. I found that once the assembly was started into place, tapping gently with a plastic hammer helped for driving the assembly fully into place - then gentle driving with a drift pin against the spacers (NOT the bearing races!) to seat them helped pull the assembly right up into the half-bore:
[Linked Image]

Now you can install the bearing caps, snug them up a little at a time - alternating top/bottom bolts and sides to "walk" the assembly into place.... so you don't get the cap cocked and bend a race - final torque value is 40-47 lb-ft and here she is - hopefully ready to go climbing:
[Linked Image]

Clean the cover flange and install with black or grey RTV or other oil-resistant sealant. Torque the cover bolts to 11-16 lb-ft. and fill the differential with your favorite gear oil. Aussie Locker folks suggest using whatever the vehicle manufacturer recommends.

This has taken most of a day and I still need to put the front end back together..... but between neighbors interrupting, going to get a haircut and going to the yard for a bit, the whole day wasn't devoted to it...... but then, I also work at a leisurely pace. I'd guess most folks could do the complete job in a full day.

I hope mine is installed correctly - I think it is.... and hopefully this will make it a little easier for others who also haven't installed a locker in the front of a Gen1.

After I build an engine for this beast, I'll report on how the Aussie Locker works - unless someone beats me to it.

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