Reason why I am try "legalize" a new size here in Israel is that I will not need to be shady (which I have ample expirience in that - thank you :-) )

Its true that people will not notice (235 looks better on the sportage than the original one) - unless I am pulled over by random road inspection (which never hapenned to me in the KIA - but there is always a first...)

Also - if I will get involved in a car accident, and even if I am not to blame for it - the insurance can use my "wrong" tire size to avoid paying me.. or, a judge can decide that the tires where a contributing factor to the accident..

Hence my effort to make it "Kosher" - if all failes, who knows ;-)

I will also try to make contact with various local KIA offices (help will be appriciated) asking them for recomended tire sizes and if 235 is also recomended. From what I have understood - I need one letter from KIA saying 235 is OK to make it legal.