I was reffering to the 29x30x8. (29 3/8") Treadwright's smallest size of mud tire with KedgeGrip.
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I emailed in to Joel Hawkins at TreadWright to get the actual O.D. on that style to see if it'll fit my Sporty with only a 3" lift.
Sorry for the confusion.

The 235's should be ok. The 30x9.50's are 30.7 and would most likey rub behind the tire and trimming of the bumper might be necessary.
I will probably get the ATG's since they will be going on my 2wd.
Love my MT's and when they wear out (the have about 1/2 tread remaining @ 20k miles)I'll go with the Guard Dogs. This company sure gives you the most bang for your buck in my experience.

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