if its rubbin that really aint good. if you want to keep the sway bar ,do it right. lower the front brackets to retain original angle on swaybar. they work kind of like torsion bars,and by changing the angle steeper with a lift it makes the sway bar even stiffer.
sudden change in one direction without sway bar aint to bad,its when you need to correct, thats when there could be trouble.the return is where the extra sway will kick in. it could be bad.i definatley noticed that i needed to be careful.

so if you take it off you need to drive to accomodate. but for just comuting it was so much nicer. try it for a week and tell us what you think.careful with the nuts.liquid wrench and some heat for sure...

should this be a new thread under sway bar?...just askin.
geuss its my fault ,i started the sway bar stuff..anyway GREAT LOOKIN TIRES! more pics when the rears go on..