i dont use 4wd unless i absolutley have to. even with the same size tires you can bind stuff up between the front and rear tires..i.e..."transfer case".
guy at work was telling me that he uses his 4wd in the rain on highway. in a jeep cj.why were we talikn about it,......he was getting a new transfer case.
that was about 6 months after he had got a new trans mission.
moral of story(i love that line) if you aint slippin and sliding,you will bind up your tansfer cs.so..if your slidin around that much, i dont think a small diameter differene will ruin you.
im picky about this topic.i would try to maintain the same size.but you can get away with a little for awhile.i also like to baby my transfer case chain.lotta work,time,money, to get in there.i dont beleive in a lead foot in the woods either.recipe for some breakage.sometime it has to be done.for the most part i try to just putt thru the trails. as soons as you hear people say "watch this" or "hold on" you can just get the block and tackle out...
now let me give you my philosophy on transendance and how to open your third eye..uhhg enough. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/sleeping.gif" alt="" />