Yay.. I can finally reply, lol. Had to wait for the membership to approve. Yes, chains fit, but barely. I run 225/70/15 Continental Truck/Suv's which work GREAT for longevity and handling, but not snow. So I chained up all four and went through, oh I'd say.. 30" of snow, LOL. *raise hand* that was me on the youtube video, Hi. Lemme tell you, you feel like you're on top of the world when you have chains on and nothing can stop you, lol. That week we got that snow I was pushing and pulling cars and trucks left and right. My neighbors jeep cherokee was stuck. My other neighbors subaru was stuck and someone with a 4x4 dodge dually w/ a cummins tried to pull him, but got nearly stuck himself trying to yank the soobie with a fat chain.. I came up in my little dinky Kia and offered to gently tug him with my tow-strap. He kind of ignored me in doubt. Since he wasn't going anywhere, I backed my Kia up to him and got my strap out. He hesitantly took the other hook. Needles to say the story ending with a suprised look on his face... after a big dodge tried and failed to yank him out with two feet of slack on a heavy gauge tow chain at that! Doesn't matter how big the truck is if you don't have traction. Sorry for the novel, but hey.. First impressions always most important.