This morning my neighbor drops over with his chain saw, asking if he can have some chain oil. Sure, not a problem.

I bring the saw into the shop and ask how it cuts. He mentions it seems kind of dull. It's a small electric saw not any killer unit.

So I take the chain off and turn it around to that the teeth rotate the right way and give it a quick sharpening.

He prunes a tree and has lot of small branches. He asks if he can borrow my wood chipper. I figure that safer than him taking my truck. Besides I'm just about to put a new engine on it, whats the worse that can happen?

About two hour later I hear a huge bang! I walk over to see the chipper grenaded with metal parts all over the place.

He forced a 2" branch into the leaf mulcher side. The side I told him to put only small stuff in.

I should have known better.

I really liked that chipper.

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