I was really trying to be nice... He has three kids and is a school teacher. The chain on backwards was a bit of a clue that he might not be good with tools. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/oink.gif" alt="" />

He did offer to replace the unit and said it would be great to get another one... so he could borrow it again! It goes like this, I find a used machine smae one I had before. He pays for that... He gets the broken one.

I just took it apart and the damage is incredible. The crankshaft is bent about 1/4". The chipper wheel has torn metal. And a bunch of bolts on the inlet housing sheered off.

On the leaf chopper side there is a small lawn more looking blade. When he forced a large branch into the opening it stopped the 20 lb flywheel just a bit too fast.

I'm more amazed he was able to get a ;arge branch in there.


87 Turbo Intercooled Raider, roller cam, torsen rear diff, LSD front diff, lockup auto with modified converter, V6 brakes, low transfer case gears...