It's funny how people can be. I have another neighbor who's mower wouldn't stay running so I offered to take a look at it for him.

I turned it on it's side to look at the blade, that pretty much said it all. Couldn't tell the cutting side from the back! So I figured it hadn't been tuned in ages and proceeded to handle it for him. New plug, changed the oil, cleaned air filter, sharpened the blade and dialed in the carb. Old Snapper was running like new. Took about an hour and advised him all that I had done. I also advised he might want to replace the pull rope, was looking a bit warn. He didn't offer to cover my materials and barely thanked me.

3 weeks later the pull rope breaks and over he comes. Brings his broken mower and asks to borrow mine. I told him he could borrow my mower but he needed to take his to a repair shop.

2 weeks later he's back to borrow again. He said he didn't have time to take his mower in so I said this is the last time ... we don't talk much anymore.