I've been tossing this about in my head a bit and wondered if anyone else has considered it. My thought was to make a steel frame to mount the front diff to that would hold the spindles in permanent position relative to the differential. Spring perches and shock mounts could be welded onto the frame along with multi-links and modified steering linkage to allow it to act as though it were a solid axle setup.

Chances are it's just as much work as a regular SAS and perhaps not as strong, but there's something that makes a statement to me by keeping the Kia parts rather than giving in and using somebody else's.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

01 Convertible; Electric Fan; 3" Up Your Kia lift spacers; Tj 104's; 31x10.5x15's on Centerlines; Rear LSD.
GONE, all I have left are a few spare parts and the wheels.