so anyway
i had to put a new head on and adjust everything else. the p.o. aparently did nothing but drive it. asked me where the clutch fluid went. seemed to be suprised the 4x4 worked.
soon i realized the stock tires were too small, and that it would be nice to have more ground clearance, so i got 235x75x15 tires(on 7"rims) and some pucks to jack up the suspension.
[Linked Image]
used longer shocks for the rear- from spec. part of the shock catalog- think they fit a mustang.
in the front are the stock struts with the strut mount flipped and spaced 1/2". gives decent droop.
chucked the sway bar.
[Linked Image]
i did a minor body lift and decided on 31x10.5 tires, after the end of the second season.
[Linked Image]
body lift was by rearanging the doughnuts and adding some old conveyor belt material. only @ 1 1/8" , but it helped.
of course i still had to cut/bend/hammer the front wells to reduce rubbing.

'89 kick w/some modifications.
some intentional.
suzi the psychic gets me fishing.