i took some afterwork measurements and am pleased to report that i gained 1" of lift in the front(which i expected), and a hair over 1" in the rear, which surprised me, as i only added 1/2" of spacer.
i haven't replaced the gas tank and rear bumper yet, so i expect her to squat a little, but i had removed the bumper before my first measurement........
go figure.
i tidied up the wireing problem i had and await delivery of the fuel level sender so i can re-install the tank.

fuel level sender arrived today(9/21) and was waiting for me when i got home from work. installed in tank and tank mounted.
pleased with the little tank lift(modified mounts) as it nestles up in there better.
there is a plastic check ball thing in the fill port on the tank(discovered when i took the hose off) that must be for preventing gas from gushing out in the event of a roll-over.
i removed it to siphon the gas out.
i bolted the tank in, remembered the check valve, and promptly lost the ball and ball cage part of it in the tank.
had to remove tank, remove sender i had just put in, and fish it out.
i recommend installing it before putting the tank in.
oh yeah- the fuel guage works well.and seems pretty accurate.

another update:
mounted bumper/cover/bash bar. suzi is still pretty much loaded as for a run, and i got a good 1" increase in lift all around. 14" clearance to engine skid plate, 16" at the gas tank skid.
plan to get her aligned today(toe and camber both increased).
suzi is kinda standing on her tip toes. i need to consider a diff. drop. or put cv joints in the spares box.
we'll see.

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