i'm becoming an old man, and suzi the psychic has no power steering, and it would be nice to treat ourselves.
i have been looking at some sidekick power steering gear, and think the steering box may be a "bolt on".
that would leave me with the problem of driving the steering pump.
the only pumps i've seen are from vehicles with bigger motors(so what) that use a ribbed belt pulley(oh-oh).
suzi used to have air conditioning(it worked!), so i have the v-belt drive at the crankshaft. if i can find some replacement pulley for the pump........
i may do this soon.

ahh! looks like sooner, rather than later. i should have parts to play with mabe this afternoon(10/09).
i have started trying to figure out how to get my stock stuff off.
now i'm kinda committed..... or should be.

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