still thinking about the roof. i picked up some sheet metal that i'm flopping around on the top as i try to figure out how to proceed.
i've got time. the rag still keeps the water out.
good thing, 'cause i leave her packed and ready to run.

i seem to have blown out my rear shocks.
funny i didn't notice it on my last run- it was bouncy after i finished the last suspension tweaking. there was oil leaking out of both of them.
those shocks were made for a mustang(i think- monroe32202 gasmatics).
i got some for a ford f150 to replace them(monroe37132 sensatrac).
they fit on. i should get more drop out of these. will i kill them too?
i never lowered the bump stops, and may be beating them to death. must consider.
suzi does does a fair amount of rough work, but i'll bet she only got around 300 miles of trail work out of those 'stang shocks.

'94 "tracker", with some parts from suzi the psychic.
other modifications made, with more to come.
some intentional.
suzitoo should get me fishing.