suzi is sitting a little taller now. i can think of places where i had to watch clearance overhead before....
i now have her body fastened to the chassis. i now have cinched-up the mounting points and measure 1 1/4" more lift(i believe 2 3/8" over stock), hereby to be known as "a 2" body lift".
i used a variety of scrap to make up cushions/spacers/etc. as well as a lot of blocking and my stock jack(i love that thing).
[Linked Image]
i had to modify the steering shaft 'cause it seemed too short for some reason. washers did the trick. seems good enough- it's only steering.
[Linked Image]
the gas fill was a little tight, but shouldn't be a problem, and the brakeline block(passenger side) still bolted up to the chassis.
the front "bumper" pieces fit back ok.
[Linked Image]
the rear bumper will require some thought.
[Linked Image]
i never figure on "using" my bumpers. i consider them to be
more like "feelers". i mostly need the support for the bumper cover. i am thinking of butchering the bumper to lighten it, making some sorta brackets to raise it, and fasten that cover back on.
i still have other pieces to massage back on, but i can mabe move her around to make sure i'm not overlooking something.

ok- i did move her back and forth, and i may have to work over the transmission shift hole in "the hump". it does find 2nd,4th, and reverse,but it seems tight.
i put the headlamps and grill back in,
i mounted a 70cm antenna.
for some dumb reason i had attached a couple of exhaust hangers to the body. they don't fit anymore.
more to come.......

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'94 "tracker", with some parts from suzi the psychic.
other modifications made, with more to come.
some intentional.
suzitoo should get me fishing.