i was able to spend a little quality time on suzi's communication gear.
i replaced the pos midland cb radio with a used cherokee cm5. seems functional(real sweet swr) with more features- i must look at the manual and learn how to use it.
i also ran a new power lead from the #2 battery(behind the seat) to the "ham cluster" on the dash. this time i used some 16/2 boat cable, and am considering replacing the original lead in kind.

suzi the psychic is pretty much ready to run. i still have some ideas of trying to gut out the remains of a/c stuff from under her dash, and i probably should totally unload all the gear for an inventory/repack and add the early season equipment(chainsaw, boat anchor, chains).
work is still interfering with the rest of my life.

'89 kick w/some modifications.
some intentional.
suzi the psychic gets me fishing.