tcase- i couldn't just let it go:
so i took it apart some and started to make more room in the case.
[Linked Image]
aside from the grinding and fitting was dealing with bearing pressings, headscratchin', take more apart(lots of case filings), clean out and clean in, and japanese wood box it back together, it is going well.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
so i almost have it back together.
[Linked Image]
someday i'll get the rest of the fsm.

so i kept having the same problem at the final assembly- the gearbox would bind up at final torque of the intermediate housing bolts.
it appeared the counter gear/shaft was binding and needed some shim adjustment.
i confirmed this with mike at trailtough- i knew he knew what i was talking about, took about 0.008" off one of the countershaft shims, and it fit fine.
now what?
only have 2 nights left, and it's raining.

couldn't help myself- i drained suzi's tcase and pulled the driveshafts last night. picked a downpour to do it and got wet.
if i pull her tcase out tonight, and put this "new" one in wednesday night, i should be able to roll thursday morning.
it could happen.
i go see where my brother is with his miss bitchy project.
trail friday morning?
it could happen.
weather may lighten up some too.
it could happen also.

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