suzi the psychic took me to the river and back(once again) with no problems.
my brother(riding miss bitchy) and i spent one night at highland lakes, then 3 nights on the river. came out monday.
the seat will do fine(i will modify the mounting some). i should have done this years ago.
the stowage changes seem positive and i had less stuff flying around than usual.
the slightly wider track feels good.
did some rock scrabble and appreciate the low range crawl capability.
i will have to reconsider larger tires 'till i figure out some clearance issues.
i'll look thru my photos- see if there is anything worth posting.

some nice trail
[Linked Image]
some not so nice
[Linked Image]
nice river
[Linked Image]

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'89 kick w/some modifications.
some intentional.
suzi the psychic gets me fishing.