i had taken my work truck(4x4ranger)"off road", nuzzling thru some brush. it took me a couple of days to find a route for some other equipment....upshot is that i damaged the radiator and that a/c radiator. i started looking more carefully at suzi's frontend.
started brush resistant modifications.
[Linked Image]
worked over some expanded aluminum after adding a new brace above the winch.
[Linked Image]
the pieces of grill fit back on.
[Linked Image]
i still need to work on below the winch guarding.

made some more......
[Linked Image]
suzi the psychic wants to run next month.
i'm starting to use my "smart" phone as a camera. doesn't make me a better photographer........

liked some of it. took it all apart. bought some material. gotta go to work tomorrow.

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