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suzi the psychic back on pavement.
she needed a bit of adjustment for hwy travel......
i have completed(with a great deal of assistance) a most excellent adventure.
some details will follow.
info.... the cheap 2"x20'harbor freight tow strap w/hooks is surprisingly durable.
i mean - really.

still haven't totally inspected dusy damage, but there seems to be little.
i have a new draglink coming to replace "the spare" i will probably carry forever, now. also tie rod ends and ball joints, because they were worn anyway.
i expect to relocate(mabe replace) the fuel tank, and fuel delivery.
some armor modifications, such as replacing my original skid plate, seem worth it, and shouldn't be a big deal.
i want to mount my hi-lift on suzi's butt somehow, take some weight off her nose.

still --- too early to disable her - still have mabe two more runs this season?
we will see......

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