some preliminary inspection of suzi's front end shows a lot of "contact".
[Linked Image]
i think an electrical panel door is minimally sufficient for a skid plate.
however, the basic structure i had it bolted to seems to have survived.
there was much evidence of skid plate use- all the way back.
her new slider additions worked as hoped- the body and trailing link mounts were protected.
of interest....
the front springs are flexing into the calipers, making the brakes kinda disappear, so i guess i need to level out those spring perches.
spring rub.
[Linked Image]
caliper rub.
[Linked Image]
body damage: suzi the pychic vs. tree.
[Linked Image]
i also noticed some camber adjustment bolt movement on the r/f. l/f doesn't seem to have moved.
i will add observations/insights,?, i'm sure.........

i have pulled off the front skid.
i am going to re-construct the front skid differently-
i have a new tool that may help remove steering parts without screwing up the grease cups, replacement tierod ends, and ball joints. a new draglink is on it's way.

anybody have any old front axle pieces? I need some 3bolt flanges(off driver axle)

draglink jammed into diff. and diff. bracket(driver).
steering didn't work too well when this happened....
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[Linked Image]
all things considered, suzuki steering seems ok unless you want to be towed into rocks and trees. then you are sure to bend something. I will avoid this in the future.
also- the strut mount bearings seem dry(noise when turning).
the new tierod tool is useless. mabe it can be modified.

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