since the front end was being looked at........
full stuff. bumpstop "engaged", strut near compressed(-1/8"?).note cv angles.

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dropped. looks excessive, but I've had no problems.......
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except for the wheel fitment problem suzi has, this may be the best useful articulation using mostly stock parts and stock mount locations. swinging the rear of the a-arm out(to move the wheel forward) wouldn't change function much.
hmmm... lotta work making axles fit. hmmm......
think i'll look at the other end for a while.

the fuel tank has been smacked a bit. mabe a bit more thru the rubicon and dusy-ershim.
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i had raised the tank a bit in the past.
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perhaps if i cut out that brace that the current front tank mounts are on......
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i did cut that brace out. i think i can move the tank up about 1 3/4" more, refit(& weld) the brace/mount, then figure some shield.
i now see why i couldn't put much more than 10 gallons in the tank. perhaps i can get the volume back.

couple of washers to drop the bumpstop a smidge.... might have been compressing enough to touch the end of the strut.
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reassembled w/4door spings- we'll see.
gas tank project moving along.

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