ok- i was going to wait on this, but sometimes i have to bite off more than i can chew. i'll probably have to spit it out a few times, but eventually i'll get it down.....
i'm wanting to move the front wheels forward about 1".
so suzi got her a-arms removed-
[Linked Image]
i'm gonna move the (lower) ball joints forward.
[Linked Image]
i'm also gonna have to re-seat the springs, as the lifting i've done allow the springs to bow into the brake calipers when i turn w/the suspension flexed. a little scary, sometimes, when the pedal goes to the floor all of a sudden.....
this would be a modification of some modifications i've been reading about.
should work(?).

cutting things.
[Linked Image]
removing some metal to widen mounting area.
[Linked Image]
reform some structure.
[Linked Image]
some sort of plate to do something like this....
[Linked Image]
mabe. so far.
kinda committed now.......

fashioned some plates from some angle iron(1/4x4").
[Linked Image]

i tacked up things.
i reassembled the left side, to see if it was close.
it'll need some adjustment.......
looks like it will do what i was looking for.
i'm pleased, and will continue.

perhaps the left can be made to work. hacked moren' i wanted.
right ready to tack'n try.........
this hasn't been going like i had expected. dreamed i'd be seeing spring seat consideration.
still hoping to make this work..........

[Linked Image]

try and rebuild a-arm.
[Linked Image]
got a couple of these.
[Linked Image]
mock-up wheel. wheel centered in wheel well. much better.
I still have to play with springs, and other issues, before I start buttoning her up........

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