poor little suzi has developed an interesting gear whine thing. real loud during deceleration- especially in 5th and 3rd gears. i'm unsure what it means, but am using it as an excuse to overhaul the transmission(syncros always seemed soft, anyway).
i took it out today.
found one of the "new" transfercase mounts torn, and lost a zerk fitting from one of the "new" rear driveshaft u-joints.
this should be interesting- haven't worked on a gearbox for a while, and never one of these.

gotta say again- trail tough is the best source for suzuki stuff.

substitute for suzuki special tool 09912-34510
[Linked Image]
the difference between suzi's transmission and the rest of the sidekicks('till '98, i understand).
[Linked Image]
no missing teeth or big chunks- this could work out......
[Linked Image]

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