Best of luck with the transmission. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

i removed a circlip from the main shaft by launching it into another universe of my "garage".
i was planning on re-installing the transmission this weekend.
suzi and i have a date..........

work got wet and prevented me from maintaining my suzischedule.
so far i have managed to reassemble the transmission unit, but had intended to have it installed by now.
i thought i'd be thinking about packing.

managed to drag transmission/transfercase unit under suzi, fail to balance on jack, remove transfercase, mate-up transmission, mate-up transfercase, and generally exhaust myself..........

finished hanging up the tranny unit(mounts, wires and hoses), shift levers, and front driveshaft.
still need to deal with rear driveshaft, skid plates, and fill transmission and transfercase with oil.
i found more of the front differential mounting loose.
i think i am going to remove the driveshaft spacer i added to the rear.
doesn't look like i'm gonna leave thursday evening.......
could still happen friday morning.

damaged the slip yoke on the rear driveshaft.
that slowed things down considerably.
replaced slip yoke.
getting underway around 19:00(friday).

suzi brought me home again. good girl.
seems a right motor mount broke loose, but i added a couple of ratchet straps to hold things in place.
it worked well enough.
no rubbing in the front wheel wells, and my modified a-arms didn't break.
trip report/some pics. should be posted.....

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