suzi the psycic took me to death valley.
that place is real big. and pretty desolate, for the most part.
i got a very late start, and didn't arrive "in the area" 'till very early saturday morning.
i decided to adjust my route to take in the racetrack, so i entered via olancha/hwy395. spoke to some ranchers, who were sure i could access thru darwin, and mentioned that hunter hill could probably be run, if it was of interest.
so i thought i'd go see...
[Linked Image]
since i was seeing signs of snow, and hunter mountain gets over 7000', i went that way.
[Linked Image]
things got a bit messy, but nothing real outrageous. somehow, however, i managed to break the right motor mount...
i made it past teakettle junction, looking a bit dirty and developing repair plans.
[Linked Image]
limped into the racetrack with the transmission banging around(mostly on decelleration).
[Linked Image]
i tried some repairs, and ended up spending the night at the racetrack.
next morning i went thru lippencott pass to stovepipe wells, where I was able to link w/cap510 and group, for a run to cottonwood canyon to camp.
between lippencot pass and stovepipe wells, i was surprised by offroader and group, that had left stovepipe wells and were going "up the road".
[Linked Image]
lippencott pass was not very challenging, but very narrow in some spots, and may become quite technical without some repair.
[Linked Image]
camp at cottonwood was very pleasant- carlos had a treat run into marble canyon lined up for us for monday.
cottonwood lineup.
[Linked Image]
i got home about 2:30 tuesday morning.

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'94 "tracker", with some parts from suzi the psychic.
other modifications made, with more to come.
some intentional.
suzitoo should get me fishing.