suzi's recent run to death valley was successful in a variety of ways.
first- performing her prime function: getting me "there" and back.
ancillary- proving/testing some recent major servicing and modifications, stressing/breaking things a bit, and getting some satisfaction at knotting and splicing as she goes.

gonna do some motor mount replacement. probably stock once more. transmission mount changes may happen this time.
still chasing some bad noise from the drivetrain. most noticeable in decell. might be related to some wiggle i find at the driveshaft yoke.
contemplating some transfer inspection.

couple other tweaks on stowage, and an aggravating failure of that damn rear window zipper will wind up this rant. i'll add some pics, and blabs later.

noted that suzi seems to get about 18mpg buzzin' about in low range. not bad. 261 miles between fill-ups. not bad.

i used ratchet straps to hold things together. one helped hold the right front motor mount in place, another kept the transmission from rattling in the tunnel.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
this worked remarkably well. ran down lippencott pass(and all the way home) with no issue.

suzi has a bit of a soft spot. my "bodylift" is crushing the her tub structure a bit- both front/sides. between the bend and the crush, this is about 1/2".
[Linked Image]

i think i'm gonna monkey with the front suspension again- put 1" spacers back in. i'll carry axles. i'm real pleased with my a-arm modification. got used to hearing the rub- kinda nice to miss it.....

this may work out, putting the spare in back like this. mabe the hunk of plywood can be a table.
[Linked Image]
it wasn't a bad chuck wagon, and the gate weighs a bit less.
[Linked Image]
i stuck some recovery gear in a basket in a bracket thing.
this too shall evolve, i'm sure. generally like it enough not to rip it off. carries garbage, also.

suzi's original transfercase is on the table, i am going to see why 4.24 gears won't fit. i've been told the case is too thin. mabe it can be made "thicker" or something.
i am prepared to overhaul a case, be nice to go back original, in a way. well, modified original.

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